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The colour of music – news story

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Today’s Prince Albert Daily Herald had this story about Charlotte’s art show …

Student brings art and music together

The Prince Albert Daily Herald

As she sits at the table, Charlotte Loseth explains how music has influenced her life and especially her art.

“Music and art have always been together for me,” said the Carlton Comprehensive High School Grade 12 student.

“When I was painting each portrait, I was listening to their music to help me along.”

Loseth is set to present her art – four portraits of musical artists – on Friday at Turks Coffee House, with another show to be held at Carlton next week.

The four artists Loseth chose are singers she has a strong connection to, whether it was growing up listening to Bob Dylan or her own enjoyment of the indie rock band Animal Collective. Loseth said she painted each singer in a way that shows what she feels their music would look like if it were to become physical.

The portraits were completed as part of an independent extra credit course Loseth took at Carlton. According to Carlton principal Dawn Kilmer, the program is one that requires the student to not only be self-motivated, but also asks them to design their own curriculum and marking scheme.

“It’s always in a passion area,” said Kilmer. “They always come up with incredible products.”

Loseth’s art teacher, Dawn Marie Anderson, said she was impressed with the work and skill Loseth put into her paintings. One of the challenges Anderson observed her student go through was the struggle to push herself and her art beyond what she had done before.

“She was just so fearless in what she did,” she said. “She’s gone past the point of where I would have thought she would go.”

For Loseth, the project is the end of a year of artistic challenge, but also serves as the start to a new life beyond high school. She hopes to use the artwork as part of her portfolio to apply to art schools next year.

“I’m applying once I have built up a portfolio,” she said. “I’ve just always thought art school would be an awesome place to be.”

Loseth’s work will be on display to the public at Turks Coffee House from 8-10 p.m. on Friday. It will also be open to the public in the Carlton rotunda for the week starting Monday.