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Fire on the mountain and more CKUA

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Last week I drove to Edmonton for a couple of days of meetings, and as usual, I kept my radio tuned to CKUA for the entire time I was in Alberta.   Sometime before hitting the border I was able to bring in 580 on the AM dial, and sometime before Vegreville I switched to 94.9 FM.

On Thursday evening as I approached Lloydminster with the bluegrass show Fire on the Mountain playing, and my foot keeping time on the floorboard (my left foot – not the one on the gas pedal),  I realized how much I wish Saskatchewan had a similar station.  CBC Radio 2 comes closest, with its mix of programs, but for me it doesn’t measure up to the eclectic mix on CKUA; perhaps it’s because of CKUA’s “listener-supported”, “community-based” mandate.

At least when I’m at my computer I can listen to them online, when I actually remember to.