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If the Queen can’t eat raw seal heart the Governor General will do

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Many years ago a colleague of mine attended a conference in Alaska, and upon her return, in appreciation for my help on a project, she presented me with a ulu knife.

My ulu (pizza cutter).

My ulu makes a great pizza cutter.

However, unlike Canada’s Governor General, the lovely Michaelle Jean, I have never used my ulu to skin or gut an animal, nor have I used it to¬† slice off part of an animal’s heart to eat raw.

This simple act of cultural sensitivity has raised a firestorm of controversy, with PETA and similar groups declaring the Governor General a barbarian, and the EU Environment Commissioner declaring her actions “bizarre”.

Ideally it would have been wonderful to see Queen Elizabeth II participating in the ceremony by chowing down on some raw seal heart, but I’m satisfied with having her representative , our Governor General, do the honours (apparently she thinks it tastes like sushi).

Here’s a video clip of the ceremony.