Planting trees on the woodlot

On Saturday our family went out to our land, and together with co-owners Pastor Glenn & Gloria and family, we pounded in the tree and shrub seedlings that we had ordered from Shand Greenhouse.

Iain Chentunkel  dropped by and entertained us for awhile.

It was a good day.¬† I’ve uploaded some photos to a gallery. Click the image below for more.

4 Responses to “Planting trees on the woodlot”

  1. deb says:

    Looks like you had a nice day – it might have been the nicest day we may experience this summer. I didn’t see many (any) pics of you planting, looked like most of the women did the hard labour!

  2. Phil L says:

    It’s a well-known fact that women make better tree planters.

  3. roger loseth says:

    Isn’t that “big field” the same field were a certain preacher who shall remain namless “accidentally” shot at moose while deer hunting?

  4. Phil L says:

    Nope, that incident happened on the quarter-section to the north-west, i.e. it ran north out of the Tangle Bush.
    I used the term “big field” somewhat tongue in cheek, to refer to the biggest of the two small fields on the Iverson Quarter that were abandoned by the previous owner a couple of decades ago.