Yesterday was Syttende Mai …

… so today must be Charlotte’s birthday.


I still think it would have been cool if she’d have been born on Norway’s National Day, but she delayed a day.

And 18 years later she still does things her own way.

3 Responses to “Yesterday was Syttende Mai …”

  1. Elaine says:

    Hard to believe that our little girls are all grown up.
    Did you go to Birch Hills for the big celebration day?
    I know Mom and Dad were there.
    David leaves tomorrow for 3 week sabatical…so things will be different around here. Trust you are all well …
    hi to Janet

  2. Phil L says:

    Fiona says she saw your little girl at the youth event at Norquay.
    I have never made it to the Syttende Mai event at Birch Hills. One of these years I should check it out.
    I hadn’t heard about Dave’s sabbatical, hope it will be a good one.

  3. SharonK says:

    And I didn’t even wish the dear girl a Happy Birthday when I saw her today!! Rats!!!

    I’ll leave it to you then Phil, to pass along our good wishes. Thanks.

    Elaine: A Sabattical for Dave sounds like a good thing happening….for home and church. Blessings.