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Really important news

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Dramatization of a conversation I’m likely to hear on my way to work in the morning: “I vaguely remember something in the news, something about a lady in a Persian rug store who got shot. I don’t know. But Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died on the same day? I better catch Larry King interviewing their friends and family members. Let’s see, if I don’t see it tonight, I can probably catch the show tomorrow, or Saturday morning, or later that weekend, or any day next week…”

(National Post: Jonathon Narvey: Forget Iran, something important finally happened)

I have been amazed these last couple of days at the amount of media coverage there has been of pop star Michael Jackson’s death.  I thought the above opinion piece in the National Post stated it well …

… The mullahs in Iran must be loving it. Our evening broadcasts were clear proof that the decadent Westerners have the attention span of children. We decry political tyrants, but we knowingly accept and immerse ourselves in silly cults of personality so long as the icons are celebrities….

I would blame the celebrity-obsessed media, but they are only feeding us what we demand.

Lord have mercy.