Genealogy – a good start

I think most people have some curiosity about their family history.  However most of us, including myself, are reluctant or unable to spend a lot of time researching previous generations.

So I really appreciate coming across people like my 4th Cousin Terry, of the St. Louis area of Missouri.

Terry is the most dedicated (fanatical?) genealogist that I have ever met.  I first bumped into Terry a couple of years ago when a random Google search turned up a reference to my father, Clifford.  I emailed the website’s contact person, volunteering some extra information such as Dad’s death date and more.  Terry emailed back with reams of interesting information, including the fact that he had spent time in the Rindal area of Norway where he had visited some relatives that I’d met on my 1984 trip and subsequently.  Since then we have from time to time emailed back and forth, and this week the time was right for Terry and his wife Barbara to visit our area, timing it to coincide with a visit to my Shell Lake relatives from Norwegian relatives  Jon, Liv and Gunnvor.

I now have a new genealogy software package installed on my computer, and have imported Terry’s GEDCOM, containing data on my family tree back to the early 1600s.  If I were starting from scratch, I would need to devote countless days to accumulate the data that I’m starting out with.  I don’t expect to do a lot of original genealogical research until I’m retired, but I hope to find some time for it.

On a personal note, it was fun getting acquainted with Terry and Barb these last few days.  Here are a couple of pics.

Supper with Terry and Barb

Supper with Terry and Barb at the Yellow Fender Eatery, Christopher Lake

Gunnvor, Barb, Janet, Jon, Terry, Liv

Gunnvor, Barb, Janet, Jon, Terry, Liv

2 Responses to “Genealogy – a good start”

  1. Toni says:

    My Austrian aunt tried to research our family tree years back, hoping to find we were connected to royalty. Apparently a distant relative was hanged for street-robbing – almost the same thing I’d say.

  2. Phil L says:

    I’m not aware of either glory or shame in our family tree, at least not newsworthy stuff. Mostly Norwegian farmers. However they were close to the ocean, so if we could trace them back a few more centuries maybe there’d be some Viking pillagers.