This year, our summer vacation plan is to make a dent in a major home reno project, namely to add insulation and new siding to our house.

We picked the easiest wall to start on.  Not only does the west wall have no windows or doors, but it’s quite screened from the street.

So here’s the before picture, taken a week ago.

"Before" picture of west side of house

I really like the appearance of painted wood siding, but we decided that rather than spend money on the needed paint job, we would improve our home’s energy efficiency by adding rigid foam insulation, finishing with vinyl siding.

It’s been a frustrating week, between battling a nasty cold, dealing with rainy weather, and finalizing the purchase of all the necessary supplies.  Some progress has been made, but nowhere near what I’d envisioned (the west side is covered with foam … pictures to come).

And more rain is in the forecast this week.

I’m still hoping to make a significant amount of progress in the next couple of weeks, before I’ll need to return to the office.

Luckily we have a carpenter friend to finish the project off.

One Response to “Before”

  1. Randall says:

    Sad but even just seeing that wall makes me a little homesick.