if he were jon and kate’s pastor

I generally make an effort to avoid watching reality shows, but in recent months it’s been impossible to avoid learning about the break-up of the those famous parents, the Gosselins.  (Well maybe not impossible – I guess I could close my eyes while standing in the supermarket check-out line, and avoid all the news websites, and go live in a cave).

For a break from the tabloid sensationalism, Covenant pastor Eugene Cho’s blog post, “if i were jon and kate’s pastor” is worth reading.

3 Responses to “if he were jon and kate’s pastor”

  1. Toni says:

    Maybe you just needed to livbe here for a bit – I’ve not knowingly ever heard of them before.

  2. Phil L says:

    I guess it’s our celebrity-crazed North American culture. Here in Canada we have some British influences but are really tied to the U.S., culturally as well as economically. My favoured news website Canada.com has the national and world news categories near the top of the page, and near the bottom is the “Celebrities and Gossip” category. The names Jon and Kate have figured predominantly there recently. The CBC.ca news website has less gossip, the Cnews.canoe.ca news website has more.

    I understand that the U.K. has its share of tabloid sensationalism, just different targets … We don’t hear as much about the Royal Family as you do.

  3. Toni says:

    Yup, unfortunately the UK has it’s own share of celeb culture as it is becoming increasingly Americanised. Your observation of the Royal family is interesting, because over here they’re mostly handled differently from typical celebs, and although the children get that treatment, mostly they’re handled with a bit more reserve.

    It is at least reasonably possible to have the whole celeb thing pass you by here, provided you don’t watch TV or read tabloid newspapers. I’m very happy that way. :-)