Park elk

A wildlife biologist once told me that far more people are injured by elk than by bears in Canada’s national parks.  Of course when this big guy came strolling through the campground at Waskesiu yesterday I walked out in front of him like a fool and snapped some pictures.  The elk of Waskesiu have little fear of humans.  I hate to think of the damage he could do if he decided I was in his way.  Worse, my girls were with me.  Anyway I got some pictures, and here’s the best one.

Bull elk at Waskesiu trailer campground 2009-08-16

I’m surprised that his antlers have lost most of their velvet.  It seems early, but I am more familiar with whitetail deer than with elk.

By the way, the word Waskesiu is a shortened version of the Cree word for elk, a.k.a. wapiti.

(Janet and the girls have been at the park for the last week, staying in a very comfortable cabin trailer loaned to us by Ken & Sharon … it sure beats our old tent trailer)

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