Hunting for Alces alces

I depart early tomorrow with Marv and Glenn (Mike couldn’t make it this year) for a week-long moose hunt.  Moose (Alces alces) are my nemesis – I’ve shot a couple of elk, and I get at least one deer every year, but I have difficulty with moose.   I’ve even called them in close enough to hear them circling through the forest to get downwind of me, but not close enough to get a shot.

Luckily one or two of our hunting party of three or four usually manages to get a moose, but there have been times when all of us have been skunked.  Since our last couple of moose hunts came up empty-handed, our spouses are saying some very cruel things about us.

We are trying a new area this year, in Wildlife Managment Zone 56 in the Porcupine Hills, and it looks promising.  It involves travel by ATV about 10 km or so from where we’ll park the truck.  Hopefully there won’t be a lot of other hunters in the area.

I’ll be happy if we get one moose between the three of us, but two would be great.

(in case my sister-in-law Gillian is reading this, no we don’t bait the moose traps with really big chunks of cheese)

The moose Phil is going to shoot in 2009

The moose Phil is going to shoot in 2009

7 Responses to “Hunting for Alces alces”

  1. roger loseth says:

    you’ll get one this year I can feel it in my triggerfinger. But really just being able to go for a whole week would be worth it whether I got one or not,I’m so jealous…

  2. SharonK says:

    Happy hunting, Phil! And don’t forget to take that all important camera!! If you can’t get a shot with your trusty gun, a camera may come in second best….

  3. Gavin says:

    May your slaughter be fruitful.

  4. Linea says:

    I think if you can get him to stand like that for a picture you should be able to bag him. Good luck.

  5. Phil L says:

    I wish I had taken that picture, but I just linked to the Science Daily website

  6. Sarah Loseth says:

    So, you think the spouses say cruel things? Too bad you couldn’t hear the conversation your wife and I had midway through the hunt. Yes, we may tease you guys on your hunting adventures, but we also realize this is a form of recreation too and we don’t stop you from going!

  7. Phil L says:

    For the record, my statement was unnecessary artistic licence. No cruel things have been said except in jest. In fact our spouses have been remarkably supportive.