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Got the no moose blues

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

You can sing a happy song if you’re glad

sing a protest song if you’re mad

but if you want to sing the blues

then boy you’ve got to learn how to lose …

… seems like I always lose

you’ve got to suffer if you want to sing the blues …

If David Bromberg in that song is correct, after our moose hunt I feel qualified to sing the blues.

This was the most brutal hunt that I’ve ever been on, for a number of reasons, including:

  • We were skunked.  Not only did we not get any moose, but we didn’t see any moose.
  • The weather was lousy.  It rained every day, except for the last day when it snowed.
  • The quad trail into our area was badly rutted and passed through some black spuce bogs, resulting in stuck ATVs.  Luckily the winches on both quads eventually worked, after Marv did some electrical work.
  • The moose must not have entered the rut yet, because the only calling we heard was from the other hunting party down the trail.
  • Because of the rainy weather the moose were not on the move, preferring to stay hunkered down.  Or maybe they just have left the area – though we did see some old sign.
  • And to top it off, Glenn developed kidney stones and Marv drove him out to the Preeceville hospital, from which he was sent to Saskatoon for further treatment.

But enough grumbling.  It was great just being out there.  I’ll be posting some pictures to a gallery (none of moose unfortunately).  Meanwhile here is one of Marv on our return trip yesterday.

Marv quadding back from the moose hunt

Marv quadding back from the moose hunt