A stable and unobtrusive OS from Microsoft – dare I hope?

Windows 7 was rolled out a few days ago, and I’ve been hearing some good things about it, such as:

What if a new version of Windows didn’t try to dazzle you? What if, instead, it tried to disappear except when you needed it? Such an operating system would dispense with glitzy effects in favor of low-key, useful new features. Rather than pelting you with alerts, warnings, and requests, it would try to stay out of your face. And if any bundled applications weren’t essential, it would dump ‘em.

It’s not a what-if scenario. Windows 7, set to arrive on new PCs and as a shrinkwrapped upgrade on October 22, has a minimalist feel and attempts to fix an­­noyances old and new. …

(Harry McCracken, PC World)

I’m one of the many PC users who resisted Windows Millenium before upgrading  from Win 98 to Win XP, and have likewise given Win Vista a pass.   If it’s true that Windows 7 stays out of the user’s face (yes I realize I have unused icons on my desktop – let me worry about that) and lets the applications do their thing, and if it’s true that it’s more stable than previous versions, I’m allowing myself to move from cynical to cautiously optimistic.

3 Responses to “A stable and unobtrusive OS from Microsoft – dare I hope?”

  1. Marc says:

    I read somewhere that Windows users no longer have to hang their heads when they talk about Windows 7.

    The laptop I bought in August came with a free Windows 7 upgrade. I should arrive in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Toni says:

    I’m actually quite tempted to try 7, if for no other reason that not to get too far behind. But I too have heard it’s good.

  3. Bob says:

    Well I had enough of MS 5 years ago when I switched to an Apple. I have never regretted that move. Win7 is showing that MS is listening to what customer wants and hopefully will continue on that path.