Wangerinian weather

It has been many years since I read Walter Wangerin Jr.’s novel The Book of the Dun Cow, and I have forgotten many details of that Christian allegory.  However, something that I do remember  is the dark, bleak mood created by the leaden sky, incessant rain and  soaked earth – a literary device as background to an epic struggle between good and evil.

That novel has came to mind often this month.  This is weather of Wangerinian proportions.

And it looks like it’s not about to end.


I know that in some parts of the world this kind of fall weather would be considered normal, but this is Saskatchewan, for Pete’s sake.  It’s supposed to be dry and sunny, and my farming brother-in-law should have more than half of his harvest completed.

By the way, I realize that Walter Wangerin, Jr. is not a household name, so this may not be something to boast about, but I think that I’m the first to use the adjective Wangerinian, if Google can be trusted.

3 Responses to “Wangerinian weather”

  1. Toni says:

    My commiserations for the weather – Wangerinian or Wagnerian.

    We’ve been having 15′C+ during the day for the last few days, and the heating is just ticking over.

  2. Phil L says:

    This Wangerinian weather IS a Wagnerian opera.

  3. Shirley says:

    It is now Nov 5th and your farming brother-in-law still doesn’t have half his crop off. The forecast is looking better but will it last long enough? We need several more nice days just to get rid of the snow in the swaths, several more to dry and a couple good weeks at least to take it off. What do you think the chances are? All we can do is keep praying, LOTS.