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That would be Green Week, not Blue and Red Week

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

I own a bright red denim shirt that usually hangs in my closet for weeks without being worn.  I like it, but since my tastes run more to earth tones, I usually ignore it.

However today I was feeling bold so I donned it, together with a pair of blue trousers.

I was halfway through my day at the office before someone pointed out that Premier Wall, in recognition of the Saskatchewan Roughriders going to the Grey Cup, has declared this Green Week, encouraging everyone to wear Rider Green.

And then another co-worker, who originally hails from Montreal and still cheers for the Alouettes, pointed out that I was wearing the Als’ colours.

I didn’t go home to change, but I tried to keep a low profile for the remainder of the day.

Now to check my closet for tomorrow’s attire … I wonder if khaki is close enough to Rider Green?