Some H1N1 perspective

I think that the H1N1 pandemic should be taken seriously.  Precautions like hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer seem sensible to me.  I’ll probably get immunized when it’s my turn in the queue.  I don’t want to get this flu, and I don’t want to be responsible for others getting it.

However I wonder if some of the H1N1 panic might be a bit out of proportion.

Flu Deaths in Canada


Deaths in Canada from the 1918 Spanish Influenza (Public Health Agency of Canada)

Annual Deaths in Canada from Seasonal Flu (Public Health Agency of Canada)

H1N1 Surveillance (Public Health Agency of Canada)

5 Responses to “Some H1N1 perspective”

  1. elaine says:

    Hey Phil,
    I have been to many inservices on this as I am a casual immunization nurse.
    I believe that this is a safe vaccine as it is so specific but I do agree that it would have been nice to have all the facts before the media made it grow and grow.
    I don’t usually get the flu shot but this year I had the H1N1.
    Hi to Janet and all.

  2. Clinton says:

    If you consider the percentage of the population each number represents, H1N1 is no where near the pandemic levels of the Spanish flu.

    I received my H1N1 shot last week though.

  3. Phil L says:

    Good observation Clinton. Canada’s population in 1918 was just a bit over 8 million people, about 1/4 of its current population, so if the chart showed a standardized death rate (e.g. deaths per 100,000), the first two bars would be 4 times as high.

  4. Marc says:

    I see that the Globe and Mail today notes that 190 Canadians have now died from H1N1, “and it’s not even peak season yet”, the article says. Still much lower than even the low grade range flu, but yet again the media has instilled just a little bit of fear in me.

    We haven’t been vaccinated yet and I’m still not sure if we will.

    Did you get vaccinated, Phil?

  5. Phil L says:

    The Saskatchewan health authorities have expanded the priority lists somewhat (e.g. caregivers of young children), but I’m still not included.
    However I probably will go for a H1Ni flu shot when the high priority cases are finished. I’m not anti-immunization.