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Update on what’s happening across the ocean

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

It’s already been almost four weeks since I mentioned the plans for Janet to take Jenn and Fiona to England, so I suppose I should give an update.

Yes they made it safely, albeit with some hassles from both US (at the Minneapolis transfer) and UK (at London Heathrow) authorities.

The girls have been enjoying their time in England.  They’ve stayed with Auntie Anne and Uncle Stephen at St. Austell, and with Uncle Nigel and Auntie Kate at Falmouth, with cousins at both places to play board games and Wii with.  Auntie Gillian has also been down from South Wales, and Grandpa was at St. Austell for them to nick chocolate from.

Grandma’s surgery went well, by all accounts.  Family members are somewhat frustrated by the fact that they can’t visit her because the hospital has a no-visitor policy due to a virus outbreak.

A few days ago they flew across to the Isles of Scilly, where they are settling in at Pelistry and getting reacquainted with Uncle Mervyn and Auntie Stephanie and three more cousins.  Today was the first day of school.

But why am I giving all these details?  You can read a first-hand account at Fiona’s new blog.

Fast work

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

I learned from Randall’s blog that Google Street View has come to Prince Albert, so naturally I moseyed over to my house.

It turns out that Google filmed my street when I was removing my old siding sometime during summer 2009.  The interesting thing is that if you view the house from the north you’ll see that I’ve only removed a few siding boards.

Street View 1(click here for full Google Street View)

However if you navigate just a few metres east, into the middle of the intersection, you’ll see that an entire wall of siding has been removed.

Google Street View from Northeast(Click here for full Google Street View)

That’s how fast I work.

(I hope to finish installing the new siding sometime next summer).

A primer on macroeconomics

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

The introductory macroeconomics course that I took a couple of decades ago didn’t stick with me very long. I don’t know if the role of government should be to steer markets or to set them free. As even the Conservative government tries to spend our way out of the current recession, I am torn between believing that stimulating the economy is a good thing vs. the fear that we are digging ourselves into too much debt. I thought that this YouTube clip – of Keynes and Hayek partying and debating economics – was an entertaining way to waste 7 1/2 minutes while brushing up on economic theory.