A primer on macroeconomics

The introductory macroeconomics course that I took a couple of decades ago didn’t stick with me very long. I don’t know if the role of government should be to steer markets or to set them free. As even the Conservative government tries to spend our way out of the current recession, I am torn between believing that stimulating the economy is a good thing vs. the fear that we are digging ourselves into too much debt. I thought that this YouTube clip – of Keynes and Hayek partying and debating economics – was an entertaining way to waste 7 1/2 minutes while brushing up on economic theory.

One Response to “A primer on macroeconomics”

  1. Marc says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m reminded of the fact that macro-economics nearly broke me in university. I took Economics 101 and, I believe, Microeconomics in the same year. I showed potential, so the prof said I might want to consider taking more economics classes. I considered minoring in it, until I got to Macroeconomics in second year. I had forgotten nearly everything in the four months between the school years and was completely lost. I dropped that class pretty quickly. I didn’t take another economics class, as I recall.