Book your hotel room in Amiens, Saskatchewan

Google Maps shows Amiens, Saskatchewan along Highway 3 somewhere between Shell Lake and Mildred.

It also informs us that there are four hotels in Amiens.

Google Earth - Four Hotels in Amiens

Just in case you would like to check out the neighbourhood before booking your stay at one of those fine Amiens hotels, Google also provides Street View.


6 Responses to “Book your hotel room in Amiens, Saskatchewan”

  1. Dan Loseth says:

    I’d like to book their banquet facilities, but I was wondering if you know if they accept paypal? Also are they a wifi hotspot?

  2. Roger Loseth says:

    definatly a 5 star hotel although I’ve found the bellhops there quite surly

  3. Phil L says:

    Dan I’ve never stayed there, but maybe Roger could answer your questions.

  4. Sarah Loseth says:

    I think it is hilarious that Google gives that kind of information. Whoever put that together must have had a good imagination. I doubt that there were ever 4 hotels there! Maybe in 1920 there were a few rooms used for stopovers for travelers. This is too funny!

  5. Phil L says:

    I think it’s an automated thing with Google. Clicking on the link takes you to information about Amiens, France.
    I thought it was funny. I was also pleased to discover that Street View has been done for Highway 3. I wonder if they’ll ever do the road to your place?

  6. Phil L says:

    I discovered this after a discussion with a guy at the office who mentioned another little Saskatchewan hamlet that had died years ago. I mentioned that Amiens is still shown on some maps even though it’s been years since anyone’s lived there. Out of curiosity I checked Google Maps and found the above.