Selling the sealing news

Out of fairness to the news media, most of the news stories that I’ve seen about this year’s annual seal hunt have been accompanied by pictures of legally huntable seals, not the whitecoat pups.  However some, such as Canwest News Service, just can’t resist selling their stories with pictures of cute baby seals, the kind that haven’t been legal to hunt for more than a quarter-century.

It’s strange how the media never seems to accompany stories about the roasting chicken sold in the supermarket with pictures of fluffy yellow chicks.


3 Responses to “Selling the sealing news”

  1. Ashley says:

    I know! I totally agree with you, Philgrim. The only difference between the fluffy chick and the “roaster” there is about 45 days and a lot of drugs. Seals start shedding their white coats at between 12 and 21 days, so the difference is even smaller. Thanks for pointing out that no matter what they look like or what their purpose is, we’re still talking about baby animals being killed.

  2. Phil L says:

    I don’t consider the roasting chicken to be a baby, and I’m fine with the harvesting of seals that are old enough to live independently of their mothers.
    So I guess we aren’t in total agreement Ashley.
    But there is room for different opinions and continuing dialogue.
    My point was regarding news reports, which I think should be objective and unbiased. I wouldn’t have a problem seeing an animal rights activist’s blog accompany a picture of roasting chickens with pictures of fluffy chicks but I would think it bizarre if a newspaper ran such a story, outside of the “opinion” section.

  3. Sarah Loseth says:

    Totally agree with you Phil. I have certainly enjoyed holding those cute, fluffy yellow chickens, and then have totally enjoyed eating them when they are mature and nicely roasted.