Soggy Saskatchewan weather

CBC News is reporting that some Saskatchewan rural municipalities are declaring themselves “agricultural disaster areas” because it’s too wet for the farmers to complete their seeding.  I think my brother-in-law Gary is still only half finished seeding and might agree that the Birch Hills area could fit in that category.

This map from Agriculture Canada gives the story about the amount of precipitation our area has received this spring.

Percent of Average Precipitation - Prairie Region - April 1 to Jun 9, 2010The dark blue colour represents areas that have received more than twice as much precipitation as normal since April 1.  Click on the image for legend and more graphs from Agriculture Canada (ironically in a section they call Drought Watch).

While on the topic of weather, apparently this spring (March though May according to Environment Canada) was the warmest spring on record across Canada, following after the warmest winter on record.

I find local weather a fascinating subject.  Perhaps equally as fascinating as global climate.

One Response to “Soggy Saskatchewan weather”

  1. Roger Loseth says:

    I read on the “web” this past winter that the meteroligists were predicting a dryer than normal spring here in the kootenays but so far its been what I would call average. Our winter was very warm with very little precipitation though…I too find weather patterns facinating.