More about civility

Several months ago I blogged about the first article in a series on civility being published in the Covenant Companion.

With house renovations, a trip to Europe, and the ongoing attempts to find a reasonable work/life balance, I hadn’t made a point of following the entire series.  However I finally dug through my stack of magazines and read all of the articles (some for the first time, some for the second time), and I think that all of them are worth the read.

The series includes:

1. May 2010. Civility and the Road Less Travelled, by Daniel de Roulet.  I previously posted about this article here.

2. June 2010. A Crisis of Civility, by Kurt Peterson.

3. July 2010. A Bad Day at the Office: Dealing with incivility in the workplace, by Sonia C. Solomonson.

4. August 2010. Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood: Practicing Civility in Our Daily Encounters, by Cathy Norman Peterson.

5. September 2010. Seeking Wisdom at the Public Café: Lessons on civility from the blogging community, by Scot McKnight.

6. October 2010. Rules of Engagement: Negotiating civility in the political process, by Carl Hawkinson.

7. November 2010. Rude Reality: Although we complain about the state of mass media, the truth is, incivility sells, by Quentin J. Schultze.

8. December 2010. By our Words: A critical look at the power of our speech, by C. John Weborg.

9. February 2011. With Respect to Nature: How do we apply a civic ethic to creation?, by Justin Topp.

10. March 2011. Holy Manners: Learning to be civil, compassionate, and Christ-honoring in the church, by Richard Lucco.

Unfortunately not all articles in the series seem to available for download on the Companion website.  I’m not sure if they will be posted in the coming months.  If you’re in Prince Albert I could loan you a hardcopy.

Here in Canada another federal election campaign is underway, and it’s all too easy to lose sight of civility, so this seemed like an especially good time to review these articles.

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