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Saturday, December 20th, 2008

I’m basically a selfish person.  Putting others first doesn’t come naturally, I need to work at it.  Today’s opportunity to serve others was by spending a few hours helping out at Soup on Saturdays (SOS), downtown at the Salvation Army’s “Outpost”.  Several local churches take turns preparing and serving a hearty soup and buns to the needy people of Prince Albert’s downtown each Saturday lunch-time, and today was Gateway Covenant Church’s turn.

Some of the faces are becoming familiar, because in addition to seeing them at SOS the few times that I’ve helped out, I sometimes see them along Central Avenue near the office where I work.  A couple of them will meet my eyes and say hi, and one guy, Richard, is always prepared to strike up a friendly conversation.

Something that hit me today was how polite most of the clients were.  I’ve never worked in the food service industry, but I have observed some quite rude behaviour from restaurant customers toward their servers.  Despite the rough appearance of some of the people who drop in to SOS for some food and coffee, despite the obvious substance abuse problems of some, the obvious mental illness of others, or whatever their circumstances, most of them have a please and thank-you for their servers.  And today there were several Merry Christmases.

As just one of the nine volunteers from Gateway who helped out at SOS today, my small contribution probably didn’t make much difference to those being served.  However it benefited me, by making me a bit more appreciative of what I have.

I guess that makes me sound selfish, but as I stated previously, I am basically a selfish person.

First the socks and then the boots

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

… But we’re puttin’ our socks on over our boots here, aren’t we?  We’re gettin’ a little bit ahead of ourselves, slidin’ down the hill without really knowin’ where the cactus are …”

Pecos Bill (narrated by Robin Williams)

Unfortunately determining priorities and following through in the most logical order isn’t a strength of mine.  I find myself wasting far too much time jumping ahead to the interesting stuff before the mundane first steps have been completed.

In my disorganized life, prioritization is one more opportunity for improvement (OFI in my acronym-loving workplace).